Artist Bios

Britt "Daestwen" Newstead
Britt loves penguins and 200-year-dead British Naval officers, and wishes that she piloted a dirigible. Unfortunately, she doesn't. As far as pin-ups go, she likes the ones with the scantily clad people in them.

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Guido "Yoitisi" Kuip
Guido is usually somewhat of a petrol-head when it comes to drawing, but occasionally enjoys indulging in drawing scantily clad women in seductive poses.

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Ása Bryndís - "AsaB"
Ása wanted to be a jungle explorer when she was a kid, but art seemed like a more fitting career for the 21st century. Having drawn women of unnatural proportions from an early age, turning them into pin-ups has not posed a problem so far.
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Aly Fell
Aly lives in a world of black eyeliner and pointy shoes and haunts graveyards and places where bunnies fear to bounce. He likes drawing girls who sulk or women who know what you’re thinking.

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 Char Reed
It never dawned on Char as to what she wanted to be growing up...  That is, until high school where she just decided to go with the hobby that she did the most- drawing.  Char eventually decided on a career of making pictures of weird animals and and even more weird fantasy creatures, as well as (of course!) sexy babes.
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 Jason "Rhineville" Rainville

Jason’s always trying to improve his craft. No one knows whether it’s because he eventually wants to become a professional illustrator or if he just wants to draw prettier girls. Judging by the amount of females in his art, a case can be made for the latter.

You can find him over at his website:

Throughout my artistic career I have been particularly inspired by the pin-up master such as Alberto Vargas, - master of the classic beauty - and Gil Elvgren - virtuoso of pure fun and playfulness.

Of course, many other artists and works have inspired me throughout my studies and I have had the opportunity to learn from diverse teachers such as William Ward Beecher and Sumi-E master Suhaku Flag. A few of the images here have been published and others have won awards online.

I was raised in sunny southern California by progressive parents who helped me realize that there was no need to separate fun, sexiness, and intelligence. Naturally, then, my work is about empowered, take-charge women. I have tried to establish a modern day “Pin Up” who knows what she wants and feels comfortable enough to be beautiful, self-assured, and unafraid to bare it all. My creative goal is to capture their individuality, strength, sexuality, and beauty in each of my models. Most importantly, I want their personality to jump off the canvas.

I hope that you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.

- Kelly.X

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Autumn 'Freddy' Scribbles

A compulsive scribbler and incurable adventurer, Autumn is convinced that she would have followed in the great David Attenborough's foot-steps if it weren't for organic chemistry and an insatiable desire to put marks on paper in a mostly representational fashion - usually in the form of sensuously silly women or fuzzy things. According to her, drawing beautiful women and scantily clad men is the perfect blend of sexy and a playfully quirky sense of humor.

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