Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First Monthly Theme! :: "Transport Me"


Now introducing - Not Your Father's Pin-Up's Monthly Themes!

Here's the idea. If you want to draw a pin-up and don't have an idea, use this one!

Blog Contributors are welcome to continue to keep posting their own work, but are encouraged to have fun and join in for the monthly theme. Artists outside the blog are welcome to try their hand at the theme, and are encouraged to comment here with the results! For those in the blog, when you submit your piece, please make sure to tag your post with the title of the theme!

This month (March, 2010) shall be "Transport Me!". Pin-ups with some method of transport included! Cars, Rollerblades, Motorcycles, bicycles, horses, donkeys, planes, trains, spaceships, teleportation beams, you name it! If it takes you somewhere, we want to see it!

In honour of Guido's birthday, which was two days ago, because he likes to draw things so much!

Extra points for pin-up girls (and lads) who really loooove to travel! ;]