Sunday, May 16, 2010

Drow Pin-up - ArtOrder Challenge

Here's my entry for the ArtOrder Pin-up challenge! Decided to go for a Drow rather than my initial Minotaur sketch ;]

Apparently their main deity is a Spider-god, but they also have a god for slimey and tentacled things that lurk underground, so I couldn't resist.


  1. Niiiice. Ironically, I like the leggings a lot :P

  2. She's got such a demure look - sexay. As is the outfit you gave her.

  3. Ew... Calamari! Very nice Guido, and sultry! I love how fantasy outfits always fail to cover 'those' bits! :)

  4. Daestwen: Thanks, I kinda like the leggings too actually <3

    Smugbug: Thanks! Yours is cool too :]

    Aly: Heya! Yah I was pondering whether to cover them up or not, since it's maybe a little too much in-your-face to count as a proper Pin-up (let alone a vintage one...) but oh well ;]