Thursday, August 12, 2010

Not Your Father's Pin-Up Contest!

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the silence, I've been busy, and I can see everyone else has been too!

I've been thinking about the blog and I think we need a banner/logo with a pretty pin-up on it, but how to choose the pin-up?

So, I thought a fun way of finding a pin-up girl to use in our banner would be to do a contest for it!

I'll be offering a prize to the winner - the book "Gil Elvgren: All His Glamorous American Pin-Ups". It's not a huge prize but depending on how the contest goes I might be inclined to add more incentives to the pile and offer some second place prizes and such!

So here's the rules!

1. Just work for this contest, please! No previously created stuff. Something playing with the title of the blog would be awesome but not necessary!

2. Obviously you retain all rights to your work and we're not going to use it commercially, we just ask that you please let us use the image for the banner! we'll put your name on the banner too!

3. If you're already part of the blog, just post the entry and make note that it's meant as an entry into the contest.

4. If you aren't part of the blog, you can leave a comment here with a link to the image.

5. You can make as many entries as you like!

6. Please submit all entries by September 30th!

Thanks everyone! Let's try to get some life back into this blog, huh? :]


  1. Egads, I've been a baaad girl as well. I do intend in submitting something, too!

    Hmmm, I might just say that my lastest is the entry - but I am working on a few other pieces at the moment!

  2. Okay! Well I've pushed the deadline to the 30th, since I've been too busy to do mine and I haven't heard of anyone else doing an entry yet either. :P