Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Calendar entry!

Woo!! thanks for the invite guys! :D
Dina here (you might know me as petitemistress from CA), so happy to be contributing to this wonderful blog!
So happy in fact, that I made this:

as a calendar entry, of course.
more to come <3


  1. Haha awesome <3

    You haven't been in Japan *at all*, obviously... ;)

  2. Yay petite <3 :D
    Kickass arm tattoos, it's so awesome that we're on the same page of the calendar! (just saw it today)

  3. Awr thank you girlies <3
    Joke's on me though, I mispelled "spice", there should be a circle on that "ハ” hur fail!
    Deady, I'm so happy we're on the same calendar page, can't wait to get mine and oogle at your boobies all day, yay! :D Your piece is hands down my fave!