Friday, June 24, 2011


Quick B&W illo, very fun to do. Felt like I was giving a little nod to Serge on this one (and I say little nod, because if it even approached his level of work I'd be nodding so hard my brain would leak out of my ears)


  1. Really awesome one dude, I saw it before on Facebook I think but it's a really neat pinup! Serge would like it I'm sure ;]

    My only little peeve is that I'm not sure whether the shape of the breastplate fits with the shape of her lovely body, but I love the idea :D

  2. Wonderful. Really enjoying her face, very innocent. Those boobies must be kinda hard to touch though...

  3. Thanks guys :D

    I hope we can get this blog a bit more active. I know there's lots of pretty people being drawn, hopefully more get posted soon.