Monday, September 27, 2010


I think I've finished this, so here it is.  If it's good enough to enter into the contest, then I guess I'll throw her in.  She's part of a series, btw.


  1. Ooh fancy, another entry! We posted basically at the same time too :P

    Cool stuff, I like the boots and her expression :D

  2. Niiiice! I second Guido, I love those boots! Yeah, don't worry, I'll keep it as an entry. :]

    If it's just you and Guido that enter I might make both of you winners and put two girls in the banner :P (I'd send you both the Gil Elvgren book, of course!)

  3. She's top Patricia! I've just been doing a harlequin diamond pattern on a character and it's horrible! Your characters always have such great expression.

  4. *standing, hands on hips* Now Aly, there is NO way a harlequin diamond pattern by you would be horrible. No. Way.

    And thank you so much you guys. Seein' I'm such a fan of all your work, a compliment from any of you is huge. :D