Monday, September 27, 2010

Not your father's Pin-up!

Finally had some spare time to work on something for the contest! Not sure if anyone else did anything for it, so I hope I'm not going to win this one by default D:


  1. Yay! Contest Entry!! :D

    It looks great, Guido! I love the slippers!

  2. Nice one Guido! She's great. Did you flip it, the text is the wrong way round..?

  3. Daestwen: yay for daddy's slippers ;]

    Smugbug: Thankies!

    Aly: Thanks! Yeah I did, I sometimes mirror text in paintings so it doesn't distract from the painting itself. People tend to want to read the text rather than look at the image otherwise and it's not important enough to keep it visible here ;]

  4. I edited the image a little this morning. Since more people were bothered by the flipped headline I gave in and flipped the image back just to avoid all the confusion. Also shortened her legs a little.