Saturday, April 16, 2011

WWF Book update!

Hey everyone, just figured I'd post a quick update on our WWF book project. So far there are three awesome entries in, and two Adoption packages should be on their way (if they haven't arrived yet). Here's a quick overview of the entries so far:

 Britt's awesome Snow Leopard lady,

 Natalie's equally awesome Snow Leopard,

Jason Rainville's bad ass Lynx!

Obviously we'll need a bunch more pin-ups if we want to be able to make a book out of all of them, so please don't hesitate to jump in and post them up if you've got them. Old work is welcome too if it's animal-themed!

Also, if you post them over the next two weeks we'll pick our favorite and send a matching Adoption animal kit straight away :] So climb into your pencils and brushes, paint a pin-up for the WWF book, post it on here before Saturday April 30 and you'll maybe get a cute plush version of the animal of your choice!

This also counts for artists that aren't part of the blog (yet), just send your pin-up to or post a link in the comments!


  1. Love the lighting in the Lynx painting.

  2. Seems we all like cats or something :)

    I'm super busy, but funny enough it's doing a series of images based on astrological signs, a lot of which feature sexy greek ladies and animals. So far the only pinup worthy one is Capricorn who's resting against a wall of mountain goats. If I have time I want to get that WW redesign done and maybe get to another WWF pinup.

    Got my package BTW! Thanks again.