Sunday, February 6, 2011

Guardian of the Pass

Doodled this up quick, hopefully it's not too rough for the blog. Partly inspired by the guardians in the never ending story, partly inspired by the fact that I haven't drawn a naked lady in some time.


  1. Naked ladies (and gents) are welcome at whatever stage they come in! :D

    She looks pretty intimidating, for sure!

  2. I second that! My only small critique on this would her arms, they seem cut-off at a weird point. I keep expecting to see a hint of her lower arms starting but they turn into kind of shapeless connections to the wall instead.

    Cool stuff regardless though :]

  3. Love the torso, not so much the arms. They do add a certain level of creepiness to this that could be interesting if explored further.

  4. That torso and lighting is rocking. I agree with the crit of the arms - I cannot wait to see this at it's next stage, be it completion or other.

  5. Thanks guys, I'll blame those wonky arms on laziness- "oh crap, uhhh running out of canvas on either side...... pfffft fuck it we'll have her arms sticking into some rock." :P

    If I continue this I'll def have her with whole arms, grasping the rock on either side or something.