Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine's Day Pin-ups!

As already mentioned in an earlier post, Valentine's Day is upon us so it seemed like a good idea to do something for the occasion. Since there's only a week left until the 14th, it's just something small and fun :)

Basically, everyone who would like to create something -a sketch, a doodle, a finished piece of art or anything really, as long as it is pin-up related- that has to do with the vibrant Valentine's Day atmosphere is welcome to join in. Old work is welcome too, but if you have a few spare seconds to create something new that'd be great of course. Send your piece to:

On Monday Feb. 14 we will compile all the pieces into a single post on the blog. To stay with the whole spirit of the day though, put in your email whether you want to dedicate your piece to a person special to you (or to a specific artist on the blog if you want!) and if your piece should be posted anonymous or with your name next to it!

Optional: Do a pin-up portrait of your valentine's, or if you are not at all a fan of feb. 14th you can also make an anti-Valentine's Day piece of course ;]

Deadline: Send your piece in by Feb 13 so we can compile everything on time. Sending it in on Feb. 14 is fine too though.


  1. Great idea. I'll try to work out something for this!

  2. Plan on seeing a female cupid from me :)

  3. Awesome guys! I hope I can get around to doing something for this myself as well :]

  4. Workin' workin' workin' on mine!

  5. Hey everyone, just a little heads up! I'll post up all the Valentine's Pin-ups later today when I get back from work, so if you want to work some more on it there's still a few hours to go ;]

    Thanks to all those who already sent theirs too!