Friday, October 1, 2010


This one was started for the Character of the Week on CA, but thought I'd post it here instead. I kind of rushed it a bit as another deadline has reared its ominous head, so will probably come back to it. Nudey bits! :o)


  1. Hehe, nudey bits!

    Her face is gorgeous! THough there's something almost morbid about her... what was the topic?

  2. Cheers Britt. Day and night. This is day mourning for the loss of her brother Night. But like Prometheus she'll have to do the whole thing again tomorrow. I rarely go near chow these days but just saw the topic. In fact I haven't posted anything on CA for ages.

  3. Nudey bits! Cool to see you post on here too again Aly ;] Could be because I haven't seen a lot of your latest stuff but it looks like you're developing your style a bit further?