Friday, October 22, 2010


Try this again, internet ate the last post...
Possible entry for the calendar, posting it up for crits before I send it in :)


  1. Niiice! Glad to see some calendar entry work :D

    Since you asked for crits:

    My only major one is that her neck looks too thick/too squished. It's kind of a tricky angle and one that you might have to fudge a little to make it 'look' right, even if it's technically accurate. I would raise her head just a tiny bit and give her neck a bit more shape.

    I love her expression! :]

  2. What Daest said. I'll add that I love the color palette and the skin texture you've captured. Nice!

  3. Hot stuff!! I love it!

    I second Daestwen's crit, and I also think the background appears a little flat maybe? I know it's not a huge deal probably (who looks at that anyway?!). I think it's because the swords divide the foreground and the background quite literally, it might pay to have some branches vertically overlap the swords to connect top to bottom.

  4. Colour scheme is great, and it's fab to see a smile! The reason the BG looks a bit flat is the shadows under the leaves. They aren't long enough to travel the length of the light beams, and as a result look like they are resting on a flat surface. I second the comment on the neck! Easily sorted with PS. :)

  5. Thanks for the great crits guys! Keep em comin if you got em :)