Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pin-Up Artist Spotlight : Serge Birault

Hello everyone!

You probably already know him from Imagine FX, but I thought I'd bring your attention to some gorgeous pin-up work if you hadn't seen it yet!

One of the neat things I'd like to point out is that he has lots of in-progress shots and short tutorials for his pin-ups on his blog, PapaNinja. I especially recommend checking out how he works with ref to get those awesome realistic details. Go check it out! You can also take a look at his website, or find him on deviantart.

I've given you a few examples here, but trust me, you'll want to go look at some more of his work!

As you can tell, I am loving the tentacles. :] The last image here was commissioned for my gorgeous friend Rosie, so make sure to go check out her website as well!

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