Sunday, November 14, 2010

First Post!

Hai hai :D
Been lurking for a bit, now it is time to post!

Elf Pinup (started for CHOW, but finished as personal work) --

Process --

Some older stuff (some still in progress)...


  1. Niiice!

    Your Elf came out super hot! :D

    I hadn't seen the Marie Antoinette one before - she's pretty swank. Are you going to finish her sometime?

  2. Awesome! It's been a while since I saw new work from you, these are great. The Elf came out nice (you totally used your own face for reference didn't you? :P).

    I would love to see the Marie Antoinette finished too, I think she's my favorite of this bunch even if it's not finished yet.

    Hope to see more posts of you on here :]

  3. Lovely work Jess.. have admired the way you work for some time now, and the elf pin up just sums everything i love about your work up nicely. She's got just the right amount of sex appeal without going overboard - kinda elf next door!

    The tattooed chick (I foget what chow that was for) has been a long standing favourite of mine... the use of green and purple is wonderuflly done, and the more subtle shifts in hue, and smoother render to her skin is just amazing. Defintely love to see you post more stuff here!