Monday, November 22, 2010

More Monday Night Combat

I seriously love that game.

Anyhow this came about when one of the devs for monday night combat wanted a new signature on the MNC forums. After a while of debating whether I had enough time I hit on a decent sketch and this was... very very fun to do :D Especially working with the skin tones after a figure study. This is without the text.


  1. Nice!!

    I think the background might be a bit dark... or you need a little more light on the edges of the leathered up character, as she seems to disappear into the background a bit.

    Otherwise, though, it's pretty super hot. :]

  2. very cool

    love the composition/design

  3. I like it! :] I agree the black leather figure dissappears a little bit, but overall it is a great piece!

  4. Thanks for the crits! I realized too late that my choice of background/figure values left me a bit screwed :/ Hella fun image to do though. If only people payed me to neglect my work and draw ladies all day.

    Update; apparently the devs liked this image, keep an eye out tomorrow on kotaku ;)

  5. awesome! and yea i just saw this on kotaku a few minutes ago, very cool 8)