Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pin-Up Calendar Entries!

Okay, here we go, folks! These are all the pin-up calendar entries that have sent me hi res versions. Many have already been posted on the blog, and some that haven't, which you can find below. Here though is an image of the entries + the requested months.

YOU CAN STILL SEND YOUR ENTRIES. This isn't the cut off, this is just to open up the discussion for what we want where in the calendar. Please note that not all of them are to page specifications (11 x 8.5 inches, horizontal) but that we can format it to fit or place them somewhere else.

So please share your thoughts/ideas. I'd rather this be a group process than just me saying 'okay this is how it's going to be'. So please let me know what you think, where you'd like things to go, and if you have an entry that you'd still like to submit.

Here's the entries you haven't seen yet:

Edit: New images coming in, so I'll give them to you here:

(August) (February) (early fall)

Edit 2: I have a bunch more entries, but don't have the hi res versions for these yet.


  1. Ah good. I was just looking for some info on entries and if it's still up. No thoughts that I can think of right now, but I do have some work I'd like to submit...

  2. Hey Rudy! Yeah, just email me a hi-res version anything you want to submit. (And you can always post them here as well, if you haven't already!)

  3. i am getting ready to post my work on the cghub drawing jam, do i also post here if i want to enter the calender??

  4. Patio, if you want to enter it in the calendar, just follow the submission guidelines here:


  5. I sent my entry to the blog email did someone get it? What email should I send it to?

  6. all are looking so cool!
    thanks for posting these :)

  7. How do I submit to the blog?
    Or is it closed because of the deadline?

    BTW really awesome entries!

  8. The blog, or the Calendar?

    To submit to the calendar, follow the submission guidelines that I've linked to in the forth comment to this post.

    If you want to submit to the blog, you need to be an author. To be an author, you need an invite from me or from one of the other admins. Basically drop us a line, show us your stuff, and if we like it, we'll send an invite your way. If we don't, don't be discouraged! Just keep at it and try again later.

  9. WOW. I cannot wait to get my hands on this calendar!

    Thanks, Britt for organizing this - it's turning out to be so beautiful!