Sunday, November 28, 2010

My First post :)

Hello everyone!
I've been browsing this blog for a while and recently got an invite so i just wanted to contribute a few pinups :) Most of the time i'm busy painting environments but when ever i get the chance I like to blow off some steam with a few pinups, anyway thanks for looking and i hope to be blowing off some more steam soon!


  1. Huge Welcome! :D

    I've seen the Elf one before but I still love it. :]

    I love the fire tattoos and the expression on the last one!

    Let off some more steam sometime soon! :D

  2. Welcome! Great to see your work on here too, I still love the elf pin-up you did for the ArtOrder contest, it was definately one of my favorites.

    Last one is cool too, as Daestwen said the expression is great. Hope to see more pin-ups by you soon ;]

  3. Awsome!! Really wonderful work:)

  4. Great stuff! That fire nymph is my fav of this set.

  5. love these, I think the second one is definitely my favorite and welcome to the blog!