Monday, November 29, 2010

Hi folks!

Nice to be part of the gang! :D

Here's some of my recent stuff. The first is an illustration of a fully tattooed circus lady, kind of inspired by vintage promo posters.
The second is a personal tattoo design I'm thinking about having perma-inked on my arm :P


  1. Yay!

    Welcome welcome welcome. :]

    I really love both of these pieces, as I am a huge fan of tattoos! If you do get the second one inked, feel free to show it off to us too! :D

  2. hey rudy, nice to see your pieces again mate! how did you find this place? everything well in leeuwarden?

  3. Hey thanks Britt! If it ever happens (good chance, atleast something alike) I definitaly will!

    Hey Jelle. Ha and just now I noticed you're on here too, awesome!
    Found it through Facebook.
    Everything goes it's gangetje in Ljouwert :P

  4. Lovely lines. Both delicate, yet with great strong attitudes.