Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Hey guys!

Thanks so much for the invitation, I love the blog so much :D Sadly work has been eating away m time to draw beautiful women over the last few months. But I'm sure this will motivate me to start drawing some new ones when I have free time!

For now, an oldie :D

and thanks again, proud to be a part of the blog!


  1. Hi! Good to have you! :D

    I haven't seen that one before! Awesome :D

    Is your image supposed to link to a bigger one? It isn't working for me.

  2. Sweet, great lighting/skintones. Welcome :D

  3. Thanks :D

    It is supposed to go to a bigger one! But I guess I made some mistakes, I will get right on it :D

  4. grats duqy! :D Imma work hard and hope I get an invite too :3 *DRAWS FURIOUSLY